Pakistan Cultural Association

Cordially Invites you to the

Pakistan Day Celebrations 2016



Passionate Devotional Sufi Music

Legendary Group "Fanna-Fi-Allah" is first time coming to Canberra

Sufi Qawwali with the Kalam and Poetry of Sufi's including : Data Ganj Baksh, Baba Ganj-e-Shakar, Baba Bulleh Shah, Baba Lasuri Shah, Khwaje Nizzam-Ud-Deen Aulia, Hazrat Amir Khusrau, Pir Inayat Khan, Khwaja Mueen-Ud-Deen Chishty.

Saturday, 19 March 2016, Tim Murray Theatre, Canberra Grammar School, 40 Monaro Crescent, Red Hill, Canberra

Chief Guests:

Her Excellency Naela Chohan, Pakistan High Commissioner (confirmed)

Hon. Andrew Barr, ACT Chief Minister (TBC)

Dear all we at PCA are celebrating the Pakistan day with the hope for a better future for our beloved motherland. We are celberating this day with a Dua (Prayer) and with Fanna-Fi-Allah group.

Fanna-Fi-Allah’s passionate devotional music is a leading representation of Sufi Qawwali music worldwide. With their rich rhythmic grooves, soaring vocal melodies and the bright intensity of their live performances, Fanna-Fi-Allah urges us to lift our hearts in exaltation and devotion to the Divine. Fanna-Fi-Allah embodies an authentic continuation of the ancient tradition of Sufi music. Key members of the group have spent over 20 years in dedicated study with the masters of this classical art-form in Pakistan and India and are deeply respected throughout the subcontinent. During their 15 years of world-wide touring in places as diverse as the USA, Pakistan, Europe, Indonesia, India and Egypt, they have captivated audiences with their dynamic passion and skill, and continue to deepen the appreciation for this great Sufi (Wali Allah) tradition in the West.

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